Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pardon my Butt

What's cuter than a puppy butt? How about all the babies down along the strand of riverfront on the Chemung. We saw duck families, too. Not a great day for photography, at least early on when it was cloudy. Ellie was yanking the lead, eager to move along, poking at everything.

The thought does occur to me: if this is all the stuff I can see with a squirmy little dachshund tugging me, how much more you will find quietly walking and watching. Bring a camera, and leave behind the phones and radios.

Little Pond

He's barely visible here. Harry the Heron, as the local kids call him. Just chilling. We are too far away to bother him, I think. Posted by Picasa

Well, we tried to be quiet, but Ellie is just plain antsy. Not even interested in the heron, who's annoyed and leaves in a huff. Posted by Picasa

Watch for the babies. They will often be just sitting there, looking back. Posted by Picasa

Along the riverfront are many holes housing small animals. Watch your step. Or bring a dog along to find them for you. Posted by Picasa