Saturday, December 17, 2005

Frosted Front Facade

After a really good storm, our little house looks invitingly snug. Barely out the door, and I'm already looking back. All effects of the ice are gone, and only the heavy, packing-snow is left. Posted by Picasa

The view up Guinnip. Already makes me feel like a short walk will do, rather than a long tramp. Ellie agreed, and we were home in a trice. Posted by Picasa

Our backyard shed is really quite sheltered with all the snow. Looks a little dreary here, but is actually enchantingly peaceful. Posted by Picasa

To the walker, each street is actually a series of tunnels. The trees are heavy with snow, and the hoar is still in the air, making things sparkly in the sunlight. Posted by Picasa

Even blue sky and white snow cannot cancel the frigidity of the day after the big storm. The camera seems determined to present this shot as stark contrasts, rather than the blinding white impression my eyes remember. Posted by Picasa