Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Intro to RiverDogging 101

A bright morning called Granddog Ellie and me to the Mighty Chemung. Hat, fanny pack, water bottle, camera, poop packets, all gathered amidst the whining of Herself who cannot stand to wait even one minute. Then down Guinnip and Dininny to the levee. A moment of hesitation as I chose a path new to us. Just a little trip today, the temperature is rising fast.

Little Pond

RiverDogging. RiverDog Herself.

Despite the dense vegetable matter, the Chemung is quite clean this time of year. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Tadpoles.

Lots to see just under the surface of the Chemung today. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Dense biota.

The water was so clear, we could see tiny fish darting in the shallows, and huge swarms of tadpoles. The white spots are seeds like milkweed or dandelion puffs. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Woodsiness.

I turned to head back, enjoying the feeling of being out of the city. Then Granddog Ellie turned from Huggamutt to Hunting Dog. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Flushed fauna.

A flutter of wings, water and squawking. Ellie found a family of ducks. And no thank you, they wouldn't let me photograph them. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Buttercup buddy.

Little buddy in the buttercups. She's already forgotten the ducks. Posted by Hello

RiverDogging. Fuzzy flora.

This plant interests Ellie and me because it is as soft and fuzzy as it looks. Right by the sidewalk on Guinnip. Posted by Hello