Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good thing Ellie's not with me today. It's one of her favorite watering spots! Gosh, I hope they don't mean us. We always pick up, although not the wetting. Feeling pretty guilty. Posted by Picasa

Here is an early July view of my neighbor's container garden. This will go pretty wild before the fall. The storefront itself is just getting going, so we'll give her time to load it up for our camera. Posted by Picasa

Here is a strange sight for July. A red maple, certainly. An ornamental, maybe. But what is causing the premature kill? Been lots of rain, and plenty of sun. The pretty red is early kill. Posted by Picasa

This is the opposite side of the block from the container garden. These overflowing gardens make our walkways look lush and almost wild. Posted by Picasa

Husband RJ's property is the envy of the neighborhood. See how prettily the impatiens rings the porch? Now let's get a couple of closeups of the lilies in the background... Posted by Picasa

Notice how differently the camera's autofocus changed the lighting of these lilies. The brightness of the lemon-lilies messed it up. The tigers make a nicer shot. Love my lilies! So why go inside? Posted by Picasa

This brings me back. VeggieGirl is the light of the household. Husband RJ takes more shots of her than even of his own gardens! Posted by Picasa