Friday, June 10, 2005

Walk through Riverfront Park

Thursday morning I took Ellie downtown. I had forgotten that Wisner Park is dedicated to the Farmer's Market on Thursdays. Some booths were already in full merchant mode, while others, especially the lunch wagons, were still setting up. The heat made me seek the shade of RiverFront Park, along Water Street. We started near the Main Street Bridge.

Little Pond

The park is extremely noisy. The automobile traffic has nothing on the racket the gulls make! We were drawn to the riverwall and amazed at the sheer numbers. Their cries echo and become the backdrop for our visit. Posted by Hello

Mother Goose and her babies. I always look for families. Seems like our water birds have more than one set of babies each summer. Posted by Hello

People wade the shallows to fish from the islands in the Chemung. The gulls swirled around this fisherman as he wandered over to find a good spot. Posted by Hello

I wanted a shot of Granddog in front of this fountain. Forget that. She's terrified of it, and would not settle down for a sitting. Posted by Hello

Many shady spots with peaceful views of the river are dotted throughout the park. Lunchtime must be busy here. Posted by Hello

When VeggieGirl and MammaDog were little, we used to get a thrill out of riding our bikes down into this underpass. Posted by Hello

Fountain-formed foam catches Granddog's attention. Posted by Hello

The sign says "Stay off the Island." No problem. Ellie didn't seem interested in wading. Posted by Hello

DeFilippo Law Firm, right in the park itself. The windows are mirrored to give them privacy from all us tourists. Posted by Hello

Ellie sips from the still waters away from the fountains. Posted by Hello

Glider City scupture. Posted by Hello

A verdant view almost hides the city. My back is to the river. Posted by Hello

Chemung Canal Trust Building seen from under the Clemens Center Parkway bridge. Posted by Hello

Cubism Fountain now named!

I know there's a name for this fountain, but I call it the Cubism fountain. I'll post the name when I learn it. T-intersection of Water and Baldwin. Posted by Hello

The terminus of the trails is the Lake Street bridge, but its sweet to follow the sidewalk back and let Granddog walk in the grass. Posted by Hello

This stark sculpture is actually a sundial. There's a little plaque set into the cement that describes how it is used. Posted by Hello

It's back to the shady park for me. Posted by Hello

Riverfront Cafe, with diners enjoying the morning sun. Right next to the Sundial on West Water Street. Posted by Hello

Butterfly tree in a shop window facing Riverfront Park. The little buildings give away the provider: Chemung Historical Society. Posted by Hello

More of the display by the Chemung Historical Society. Posted by Hello

Clemens Square is located inside the block surrounded by Gray, Main, Water and the Viaduct. Used to be pretty hopping in the summer. Kinda sleepy now. Posted by Hello

We passed the Community Bookstore on the corner of Gray and Main. I usually send tourist to the CB when I cannot answer their questions. There's gotta be someone there who can help, and if not, maps are for sale. Posted by Hello

Wisner Park, Famer's Market, every Thursday in the summer. Ellie was intrigued by the cooking odors that pervaded the entire downtown. Posted by Hello

Ellie was plumb tuckered out by the whole trip. In fact, MammaDog came by to scoop her up and whisk her back to Golden Glow for some real rest. Posted by Hello