Monday, June 27, 2005

Extremely Hot Monday Morning

Wanted to get out of the house before the heat set in. Don't think I succeeded, even though it was only 9 AM.

Hot, buggy and noisy were the watchwords of the day. Definitely a city walk, with city and suburban sights and sounds.

Little Pond

Today's visit to the strand along the Chemung begins with noisy mowers, clearing the area. Actually not a bad thing for us. Ellie gets to see more and I stay unscratched. Posted by Hello

A freshly mown walkway is welcome today. Bugs are everywhere, eating me alive. And bare legs don't need high grasses, full of ticks and mosquitoes. Posted by Hello

As usual, we scare out the geese just as we hear the first honks. Posted by Hello

Got woodchuck? Not this time, Ellie. Posted by Hello

Tried to keep Ellie out of the muddy river. Posted by Hello

One pretty copse after another makes for a peaceful, woodsy walk Posted by Hello

Brand new trash dump. So what does the (obviously stolen) sign say? Posted by Hello

Naturally. Posted by Hello

What on earth? A raggy umbrella makes a cheerful warning sign. Posted by Hello

Looking back from Demarest Parkway. These lucky residents seem to acknowledge their good fortune by maintaining spotlessly manicured properties. Posted by Hello

Putting the Park into Parkway

Back over our shoulder. Too quiet here, as I expected to see children playing. Posted by Hello

View of the parkway, looking north to Water Street. Posted by Hello

Yard decorations on the parkway. There were more, too. The dragon was at the end of a driveway. But it's fun to spot the little porcupine tucked in among the shrubbery near another house. Posted by Hello

What children??

All lies. I never saw any children. Heard a few. Must be too early yet. Maybe too hot. Soaked in sweat ourselves. Granddog and I headed home. Posted by Hello