Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shady Lady. Multilevel gardening.

Shady Lady. Container planting makes the best use of limited front yard. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Towering rhododendrons.

Shady Lady. Never knew Rhodies could grown that high. Seen from Church Street. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Purple Mystery.

Shady Lady. Purple mystery blossoms, to me anyway. Just the most delicate delight, right near the sidewalk on West Gray. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Purple bouquet.

They bunch up nicely and look sharp against the green leaves and white fence. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Peach azaleas. Yum!

Shady Lady. Pale azaleas are an unusual touch on Guinnip Avenue. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Storm cleared garden.

Shady Lady. After the cleanup, three newly planted terra cotta planters were ruined by the storm yesterday. Our neighbor gamely cleans up and starts again. Posted by Hello

Shady Lady. Trellis on Guinnip

Shady lady. Clematis climbing a trellis next to the container garden on Guinnip. Posted by Hello

Day after the storm

It's one day after the nasty storm rearranged parts of the neighborhood. Cleanup crews are noisily setting things to right. And the heat is suffocating. One thermometer reads over 100 in the sun and the other is over 80 in the shade (42 and 28 Celcius, respectively)! There was no walk with Granddog Ellie this afternoon. We walked in the morning and I got a few shots. Even though Ellie was grumpy and wouldn't visit nice with anyone. She's like that when I'm ailing, and I guess I am. Heat does make me unwell. But the morning was cooler, and a large, floppy hat eases things a bit. Almost all shots are in the shade, so colors are somewhat muted.


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