Saturday, August 27, 2005

Doggy Days at Tanglewood!!!

You are officially invited to take your dog to Tanglewood. Personius Woods, to be exact.

We've have never had so much fun with so many dogs and doggie-type people! Doggy Day was Saturday, August 27, 2005, but now every day is doggy day at Personius Woods. Dogs are definitely allowed and are encouraged to bring their people, too. Who else is going to pick up after them?

No doggy? Leave the poop packet behind and head up to Gleason Meadows and Frenchman's Bluff. Or is it Buff? This is the main site anyway, and visitors can pick up maps and attend events here.

Scroll down for Doggy Days. If you recognize yourself, please accept my apologies. I rarely identify humans in the blogs. Security Mom, you know.

Addenda: Spoke with Tanglewood that afternoon. They could really use donations to pay for the new facilities, and there are postings around the place saying so. The donations are just a suggestion, like we usually find in museums, art galleries, etc.

Good News: There are none at Personius Woods. Even Better News: They are planning another Doggy Days event, so bookmark the Events Page, because I expect to see you all there! Doggy Days Rock!!!

Little Pond

Here we are at Tanglewood on Coleman Avenue. These canines include the biggest, the smallest, and the very nicest dogs we met. Ellie loves them all. We took a little time to meet each other and to let the little darlings get over the rides in the cars. Posted by Picasa

Our guide, Gus, and his human, Carl. Both are attached to Tanglewood. There were a few little fellows from the SPCA, learning to get along with strangers. Posted by Picasa

Lots of sturdy footbridges, slung low over the creeks. Our buddies were too busy with each other to worry about the local critters scurrying around us. Posted by Picasa

Some heavy duty walking here. But there are many, shorter trails, as well as a lovely, broad meadow when the little guys can run free. Posted by Picasa

And here we are back at the parking lot, poop packets in hand. Thinking maybe we should blog this place further. Wonder if MammaDog would help? Posted by Picasa