Thursday, September 18, 2008

Greenery in Elmira Heights

Believe it or not, this wild and wooly scene is right in the heart of Elmira Heights. If you have a bike, you probably already know it.
There is a lovely bike path set right into the wetlands. In the winter and early spring, it is rather nasty and desolate, but in the summer and fall, it's gorgeous.
Above, a view of the path looking towards Upper Lake Road. At my back is Grand Central Avenue. To the right and out of sight is the connector road that links the two, right next to the Lindenwald House. It's all wetland and lowland here. Very verdant and peaceful.
Ah, there's the destination. On the path, looking west to what appears to be a carnival building, no? At this point, every citizen of the Elmira area should recognize where this is.
Eldridge Lake and Eldridge Park. No reason not to visit, although the concessions and the carousel are closed. If you double click the above picture, you may see the walkers and their dogs on the distant bank.
Weeping willows, pretty Victorian style buildings, skating park, kiddie playground, a few sanitary facilities, and lots of running space. Good place to bring your pet for a walk. HuggaMutt goes their often with MammaDog, although I myself am not too keen on the drive.

Still, it's a popular destination for all Elmirans. Just be sure to bring a bag and pick up after your pup. It would be a shame to mess it up.

Don't forget to double click for a larger, detailed picture!

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