Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sunny morning on the Strand

Granddog Ellie was itchy and needed some exercise. We grabbed up the camera, a hat and some baggies and headed toward the Chemung. This time, though, the water was muddy and I steered her towards the inside of the strand itself. There are lots of paths, and they change over the year. This will be our last visit before the kids take over the area for the summer. Children love my Granddog, but she doesn't trust them. We will dedicate this summer to learning to love the children. Right Ellie?

The paths are cool and intriguing, some leading out into sunny grass, and other leading into deeper woodsiness. There are many things waiting to be discovered.

Little Pond

Surprise! A tree fort or stand. No hunting allowed, so it must be a tree fort. The paths are ever-changing, and continually delight me. My back is to the path that took us back to the WestSide. I need a cooler morning for more exploration of the paths. Husband RJ is waiting at the house, so we hurried back to West First Street.
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This poor tree was butchered by the storm. It is now pretty much all that is left of three very large trees whose canopies interlaced, shading the street from curb to curb. Posted by Hello

NorthWestern Exposure

A new view of my neighbor's place. Bright and sunny, and no privacy. I wonder how they feel about that? Do they welcome the light or hate the exposure? Posted by Hello

So here also is a different view from before. The canopy is gone, changed forever. And I miss the ornamental that was to the extreme right. Posted by Hello

So what was a lovely shade garden is now a sunlight garden. Given time, the plants will jostle around for a different dominance, based on sunloving plants instead of shade lovers. Posted by Hello